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Fantastically well prepared dishes, from start to finish. Great service--prompt and attentive without being intrusive. A no brainer 5 star experience.

(Anonymous, 24 days ago)

All three of us enjoyed our meals tremendously.

(Anonymous, 17 days ago)

30-90 Days ago

Vernon's is a great experience from the moment you arrive to the time you finish you dinner. If you never have been here before you are in for a treat. It is hidden in a shopping center so finding the entrance is fun. Also you need a password to enter the establishment. So the first time I came here was for mine and my husband's anniversary and we thoroughly enjoyed our dinner. We order a filet, the scallop entree, adult mac and cheese and a garden salad as well as the creme brulee for dessert. All were excellent especially the adult mac and cheese. So our second time here was just last weekend with 2 other couples to celebrate christmas. This time we ordered a rib eye instead of the filet. I was a bit disappointed with the quality of the rib eye, it was very grisly and I ended up eating only half of it. What was edible was very tasty and cooked to perfection. I just was sad that almost half the steak was unedible and wishing that I had just gone with the filet like I did last time. On another note, the rest of our entrees and sides were all excellent. I once again enjoyed the scallops which had a kick to them. If you come here, avoid the rib eye.

(Marquita A., 72 days ago)

I've been to vernons a number of times and usually the food is great but this evening the food was horrible , the restaurant and restrooms were filthy . This restaurant has definitely gone down hill and I'm sure it's a matter of time they will shut their doors permanently . No way will I be dining here again !

(Anonymous, 52 days ago)

We will never return! After years of celebrating special occasions last weeks experience was our last. We were celebrating the safe return of our son who is in the military, fighting for our country. I explained that when I made the reservation. Nothing was ever mentioned during our visit that night. My son and I ordered the prime rib, one medium one medium rare. Flavorless! no hint of seasonings no hint of a quality piece of meat. A piece of round steak may have tasted better than the taste of the prime rib. My husband ordered filet mignon. It too was flavorless. The waitress, a middle aged blonde woman served our dinner asked if everything was okay. we hadn't even cut into our steaks so what was there to say.... After I ate a few pieces I was disappointed with the flavorless expensive ($40.) prime rib. My son felt the same way but continued eating while I waited for the waitress to return. it took her for ever! Finally, she returned. I explained how disappointed we all were. She took my prime rib to the manager. He /she said they would take it off our bill. I was still hungry. They never offered anything to replace my meal. It felt as though they were waiting for us to leave to seat other guests. I asked the waitress if I could at least take the fat from the prime rib to our dog. Her response was then we'll have to charge you. I told her I didn't want the remaining meat just the fat which was a lot. She said she would ask the manager. When she returned she handed me a small box and said this was unusual but she took it out of the trash Her attitude changed after that. The rest of the food, potatoes and broccolini were also flavorless. the brocollini was tough. Normally the mashed potatoes are enjoyable but this time they were stiff and flavorless. I wonder if the chef has quality taste control. If I was him I would have been embarrassed. We were seated next to two tables. One was a party of six who were extremely loud, laughing excessively. The other had a child of perhaps 3 years old crying and screaming. The website clearly states they discourage children under 10. So what happened? What should have been an enjoyable and memorable dinner to celebrate our sons return turned out to be a horrible experience. What a way to welcome back a soldier!

(Catherine G., 71 days ago)

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The gift certificate was for friends - they said the food was outstanding and the atmosphere "interesting". They loved the night out.

(Anonymous, 130 days ago)

Excellent food and service thumbs up

(Anonymous, 145 days ago)

It's Vernon's! Can't count the times we've eaten there. Blown away every time! See ya again oct 2

(Frank E., 147 days ago)

My husband and I had a great evening at Vernon's. We sat in the lounge, which had a great atmosphere. The food exceeded our expectations! We will definitely be back for special occasions.

(Anonymous, 177 days ago)

The time was very well spent, especially because there is never enough of it. Being a fan of steaks the Los Ranchos Star is top 2 on my list of ever having graced my senses in my 40 years on Earth. The other being a steakhouse in Manhattan that was good, but not as aesthetically pleasing both in taste and presentation as Vernons. From the appetizer in the scallops to the salad we enjoyed the service was impeccable. The crispness of the initial bite and the coating of the marbled steak in my mouth is something to both be remembered and revisited. I look forward to attending another experience at Vernons. There was no sight of Capone and his cronies but maybe next time we will catch a glimpse...

(Anonymous, 190 days ago)

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